A good appetite and high employment at work are the most common excuses for men who cannot schedule a visit to the doctor. What could be wrong with this? At least the fact that in this way the first signs of cancer are most often missed.

The only way to overcome this terrible disease is to detect it at an early stage. At this time, tumors of any organs and tissues can be completely cured. The problem of early diagnosis is that at the initial stage of development, the signs of cancer can be almost imperceptible, and therefore almost always do not cause concern in men.

15 signs can warn of impending danger. Some of them are closely associated with the appearance of malignant neoplasms. You need to not only know about them, but also report their appearance to your doctor immediately.

1 – Problem with urination

Upon reaching a certain age, many men face the problem of emptying the bladder in the form of:

  • Frequent urges that appear at night;
  • Weak urine stream, its leakage or uncontrollable intense urge;
  • Inability to start urination without straining hard.

Groin pain

To find out the true cause of the problem, you need to see a doctor and undergo an examination. PSA analysis helps to get the most accurate information, which helps to detect prostate cancer at the earliest stages.

2 – Changes in testicles

Herbert Lepore, professor of urology at New York University, said: “If you notice testicular lumps, heaviness, or any other changes, never delay visiting and examining a doctor.”

You can identify the problem of changes in the testicles by an external examination, as well as a laboratory blood test and ultrasound of the scrotum.

3 – Blood in urine or stool

This sign may indicate the development of cancer of the bladder, kidney or rectum. Even if there are no other symptoms, blood in the urine and stool should be a good reason to see a doctor. Often a similar symptom speaks of hemorrhoids, a urinary tract infection, but it is still better to find out the true cause before the disease has gone too far and begin its treatment.

4 – Skin Change

If the moles on the body have changed their color, size or structure, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The same reaction should be caused by newly appearing atypical spots on the skin. They may also indicate the development of cancer. To determine the nature of the changes, an examination will be required, which includes a tissue biopsy. Skin cancer is one of those diseases in which even a delay of several weeks can be fatal.

Skin tumors in cancer

5 – changes in the lymph nodes

An increase in lymph nodes in the neck, in the armpits and other places may indicate negative processes in the body. As a rule, they indicate that the immune system is fighting any pathogens. Lymphadenitis can be the result of a common cold, but it can also indicate the presence of cancer cells in the body.


Experts recommend undergoing a full examination if the enlarged lymph node does not decrease 2-4 weeks after its discovery.

6 – Trouble swallowing

Occasionally, people may experience swallowing problems that are not related to cancer. However, if such a symptom is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, the doctor will definitely insist on examining the throat and stomach for malignant neoplasms. The first study that will be assigned to the patient is an x-ray of the throat and stomach using a barium solution. This diagnostic method helps to identify most types of changes in these parts of the digestive tract.

7 – heartburn

in most cases, heartburn can be managed by changing your diet and avoiding foods that trigger heartburn. If you cannot cope with it on your own, you should consult a doctor. In some cases, persistent or worsening heartburn may indicate cancer of the throat or stomach.

8 – changes in the oral cavity

Men who chew or smoke tobacco have an increased risk of oral cancer. White or red spots on the mucous membrane of the lips, cheeks, tongue and gums may indicate its occurrence. Regarding their appearance, diagnosis and treatment, it is worth talking with your doctor or dentist.

Spots on the tongue

9 – Weight loss for no apparent reason

Pants got too big? This may be due to a change in diet or a change in habits – stress takes its toll. Another common cause of weight loss is cancer. Although most situations with sudden weight loss are the result of chronic diseases or parasite activity, such a symptom may indicate cancer of the pancreas, stomach, lungs or other organs.

Sudden weight loss

You can find out the real reason for weight loss with the help of a full examination using a blood test and instrumental diagnostics (ultrasound, CT, MRI and others).

10 – Fever

Doctors call a fever a good sign, because the body fights the infection in this way. However, if it occurs in the absence of diseases, which is confirmed by tests, it may indicate the occurrence of blood cancer or leukemia. A comprehensive examination is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis.

 11 – changes in the mammary gland

Most men believe that lumps in the chest cannot indicate something bad, because such changes occur only in women. In fact, this is far from the case, because breast tissue identical to that of women is also found in the representatives of the stronger sex.

When seals appear in the chest, you should not rely on luck. It is better to immediately consult a doctor for further examination.

12 – Fatigue

Many types of cancer are accompanied by constant fatigue, which cannot be eliminated even after a long rest. It differs from the usual fatigue that occurs after a busy week of work, as it has a greater intensity. If fatigue worsens the quality of life, you should consult your doctor. He will conduct the necessary research and select effective ways to eliminate this symptom.

13 – Cough

In non-smokers, coughing is almost never a sign of lung cancer. In most cases, it goes away in 3-4 weeks. If it is not eliminated with medication, accompanied by shortness of breath and hemoptysis, coughing may be due to lung cancer, especially if a person smokes.

To find out the nature of the occurrence of such a sign, the doctor will take a little coughed up sputum for examination and prescribe a series of instrumental studies.

X-rays of light

14 – Pain

By itself, cancer rarely causes intense pain, but if they persist for no apparent reason for a month, it makes sense to be examined by a doctor. Constant pain may indicate malignant tumors in various organs, especially those that have already metastasized.

15 – Abdominal Pain Combined with Depression

This combination of symptoms is rare and most often indicates pancreatic cancer. Of particular concern are abdominal pain with depression in those whose relatives had pancreatic cancer. Experts advise them to immediately consult a doctor for advice.

pancreas in the body

16 – Abdominal pain, bloating 

Often similar symptoms occur in colon cancer, when the tumor partially blocks the intestinal lumen and at the same time increases flatulence and pain in the left side of the abdomen. If such symptoms appear, consultation of a gastroenterologist, coloproctologist, video colonoscopy is necessary. You can also do the Colon View fecal occult blood test.

17 – changes in the frequency and nature of the stool, mucus in the stool.

Often, these symptoms occur with colon cancer, rectal cancer, and some benign colon polyps. Patients over 40 years of age should undergo annual screening for colon cancer – screening methods used – fecal fecal occult blood test Colon View test, video colonoscopy.

If you have some of the symptoms listed above, you can consult on the issue of diagnosis and treatment with the specialists of the Neo-Med clinic directly on the website. Fill out the feedback form with the doctor (located below), and ask the specialist your questions. You can also make an appointment by calling the numbers listed in the contact section.

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